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PTA Needs Volunteers
PTA hosts hosts several programs and even more one-day events throughout the year. However, when we can't recruit a chairperson (or enough volunteers,) the program simply goes away.

Therefore, Chairing and Volunteering is Caring!

As seen in the Eagle Express

Volunteer Opportunities

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If you prefer, you may download the paper form. Click on the icon to the right, enter the information and send it to Dana Miller.
Dana is our volunteer coordinator and is happy to answer any questions you might have. Click on her name above to send an email.

Online Volunteer Sign-up Form

PTA Volunteer Chair descriptions

Instructions for Committee Chairs

Download the Eagle Express Due Dates schedule.

Eagle Express Due Dates


Volunteer to Help:

Our primary mode of contact is by email. If you would prefer that we contact you by phone, you may enter the number here.
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Executive Staff

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Jenny Meade
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Crystal Frigo
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Leah Morgan
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(303) 912-6594
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Anne Warren
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(720) 280-1632

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